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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Travel with Fond Memories on Father's Day

On Sunday, June 15, the world will celebrate Father's Day!

Here comes a special occasion that has long been touted as only a second fiddle, back-up support to the flowers-and-fashion laden celebration of Mother's Day.

But it's no ordinary. It's a special day of the year dedicated to the first man in every girl's life and the first superhero in every boy's life -- Papa.

But why it is often called a second fiddle celebration to Mother's Day?

Well, because fathers are not choosy hehe! As with most typical men in the world, fathers are very easy to please than, ahem, mothers, maybe because men in general are very spontaneous, they don't like elaborate rituals and ceremonies, they settled on simple things, unlike women who love to ponder on tiny details of almost everything.

So naturally, choosing something for our fathers, is not an agonizing mission :-D, just pick something and you're on the go! But it's not as simple as that, of course we want to make it a little nicer for our Papa.
No matter what circumstances we would encounter later in life, whether we would grow increasingly distant and alienated with our fathers or closer than ever as we count more years in our existence, we really owe the guy something for what he has done. And no matter how upset we are with him, he is still worth a celebration. 

Father's day allows us to revisit the fond memories we shared with our Papa, so for this special day dedicated solely for them why not make it extra special?

Buying gifts can be a little punishing, aside from pondering on what items to buy that would compliment his personality and taste, the varied options offer by different business establishments seem redundant and lifeless. So why not do something extra special instead?

Family bonding is always special to parents, it brings warm memories, there's nothing more important than seeing their children unite and share a day in one place. Take it from me who has an emotional father hehe! Every time we are together at home, my father would easily reduce to tears.

No expensive gifts or luxurious celebrations can ever compensate the value of seeing their beloved children come together in one place. Memories dart sweet notes to their heart, it refreshes their lives.

So for this year's celebration of Father's Day do an extra mile by taking an escape to a relaxing place, a resort or a countryside retreat, bringing the entire family and share meals or whatever activities you have in mind with Dad as the center of the show. The bonding will relive all those beautiful memories you shared together while growing up, believe me, this tripping-down-memory lane moment with your father will make a big difference to the event. Sharing conversation and laughter over food in a beautiful, soothing place with the rest of family members ignites warmth and affection.

Taking a road trip closer to the city with your family in time for Father's day can be a good option. What destination to choose depends on your preferences and your idea of this special celebration.

Here are two options for a weekend father-centered celebration escape:

Aquaria Beach Resort in Calatagan, Batangas
Aquaria Beach Resort in Calatagan, Batangas, 
can be a great option for the entire family to spend a day with Dad for Father's day

I've been to this place once and I found it ultra nice for family bonding. Aside from the sleek design and modern swimming pool facilities, this resort has a beautiful and sprawling beachside where fun activities can be shared by the entire family, this will most likely pleased your Dad. The cliche? This resort will allow you to bring foods without corkage fees. Entrance fee is Php 400.00, for more details read my blog about this weekend destination (scroll the item below this site).

Tagaytay where else?

Tagaytay is a good option to take a road trip on weekends if you need to chill down after busy days at work. Aside from the cool weather and beautiful countryside, the place is closer to Metro Manila which makes it more ideal to tuck the whole family on a quick trip. 

There are lots of relaxing spots around Tagaytay to choose. Your option depends on what's your purpose of coming to the place. Are you looking for something to pick your energy or you just want to spend the day over food under a romantic and spectacular view of the countryside vistas.

Some of the best destinations in Tagaytay to loosen up with your family are Picnic Grove, Sonya's Garden along Buck Estate or you may drop by at Bags of Beans.

One sweet morning in Tagaytay :-)

Picnic Grove is a good spot to spend the whole afternoon with your family, it has a spacious ground to relax and play, an area to grill foods and cottage options to rest on. The environment is cooler when you visit the place beyond 4:00 in the afternoon. Visitors are free to bring food.

I've never been to Sonya's Garden (Still finding enough time to visit) but I've read beautiful reviews about the place so this too can be a wonderful choice. This is an ideal destination to chill for gastronomic bunch. Sonya's Garden offers organic, scrumptious meals and has a beautiful landscape to stroll around, a perfect option to bond and celebrate Father's Day.

Bags of Beans has a beautiful ambiance and the surrounding is terrific for a cozy celebration for Dad. Its wide menu options include pasta, grilled meat, desserts, salads and fabulous coffee concoctions. Your dear father would be pleased to smell a freshly baked bread while enjoying a cup of aromatic, mind-soothing freshly brewed coffees which this food destination is very famous of. Located along 3650 Aguinaldo Highway, Mendez Crossing West Tagaytay City, Bags of Beans is not far from Sky Ranch and Buck Estate entrance gate.

There you go...the two destinations to spend a relaxing weekend with the family. Your choice depends on how you define love and gratitude to your father.

Father's Day is only a one-day event so make it extra special for your Dad, punch the celebration with love and memories. For new fathers (that is, with babies who are still super young to understand the meaning of the celebration), maybe your wives have greater plans to make it very special for you, just prepare for the surprises. Hahaha!

I'm far from home so I cannot spend it with my father. I'll just send something for him to mark the celebration. To all fathers in the world, Happy Father's Day!!


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