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Monday, June 9, 2014

Food Travel Presents: Gelatissimo Cafe

Gelatissimo Cafe
2F Greenbelt 5
Makati City
Tel No (2) 728-3587

While contemplating for my next travel adventure (still no plan at the moment ^___^) I'll just update this blog with foods! Yeah, travel experience is incomplete without taking a side trip on something that could satisfy our hunger pangs.

Gelatissimo, the real taste of Italia, is located at the second floor of Greenbelt 5 in Makati
Oh-so-yummy Gelato! Smooth taste and creamier than traditional ice cream in the market

Last Sunday, after attending mass and watching Maleficent, with my friend, Rowena Tagaan, I was so intensely craving for ice cream that we walked around Greenbelt 5 in search for an ice cream parlor, until we reached the 2nd floor and found Gelatissimo Cafe.

We're quite surprised upon reaching the store and found many people standing in a queue, this must be something extraordinary I thought. We moved closer to the glass shelf with several choices of mouth-watering Gelato displayed.

Insanely delectable Gelato! Dairy and Sorbet flavors that would really 
satisfy your cravings for creamy coolers

Each medium cone will cost you Php 170.00

My eyes popped in amusement upon seeing the eye catching options, it took 10 minutes before I made my choice - Almond, Rowie opted for Hazelnut. It was my safest choice because I wasn't sure how other concoctions would taste, I might purge in disgust if I would take an adventure on strange flavors.

We chose the cone variant and to our surprise it's a lot expensive than the traditional ice cream in the market. Each cone costs Php 170.00 and the small cup costs Php 150.00. What's with the skyrocketing price?

The taste of Almond Gelato is not bad though I was expecting for richer Almond nuts mixtures, but it tastes great and creamier than the traditional ice cream. Insanely scrumptious and very refreshing!

Gelatissimo Cafe offers other options for a more delicious Gelato experience, I heard they have Bambino cone choices, sundaes, premium roasted coffee concoctions and Gelato shakes. So it's worth visiting!

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